Welcome to Boy At Will

The idea for this blog has been developing over a six year period as I have been immersed in the world of The Boy.  As a parent to a boy, I found it odd that in the multitude of websites devoted to children, there appears to be a lack of sites that are “boycentric” and ones that address boy stuff have a little bit of a negative tone in their narratives.  Also, it is impossible to find a good site for boy clothes and accessories.  Boy stuff, for some reason, is pushed to minimal pages on the back side of catalogs and relegated to the dark recesses of the web.  So I started thinking, “When did it become a bad thing to be a boy?”   Such inquiry has led to my intent to produce what will hopefully be an effective and entertaining resource for us parents of boys.  Why?  Because boys are awesome.  They are rough, tumble, dirty, unmanageable, fun and worth every minute you get to enjoy them for what they are.


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