Avast Me Hearties! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Nothing is more boy than pirates.  They live for their own pleasure sailing the world in search of treasure.  How could that not be appealing?

The Boy became interested in pirates when he was a wee one and we visited a couple of islands with pirate pasts on the east coast.  He immediately took to carrying a foam cutlass everywhere and would challenge any one in his path to a duel.  While this interest (in dueling and piracy) has been increased by the influence of various Disney projects, the Boy prefers to hear about real pirates over glamorized ones.  In my research of pirates and their ways, I have come to realize that pirates also offer good avenues for introducing history and geography, as well as basic courtesies that were part of the pirate’s code.  Yes, they were rapscallions, but they weren’t all bad.


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