It’s October!

Not sure why, but I have always loved October (and especially Halloween).  The Boy appears to have picked up my interest in the haunted month and it’s dark, mysterious aura.   Now, I am not Martha Stewart and despite my desire to be creative and inventive I just don’t have the time or attention span – kind of like The Boy.   However, we get our fill through other creepy excursions like pumpkin farms, corn mazes and nighttime wanderings of the Botanical Garden.  We also put together a pretty cool Halloween display that is highlighted by fog machines.

To me and to The Boy that is the coolest thing about this month – anything goes and the simplest things are the most enjoyable.  Currently, we have what we believe to be a nursery web spider that has taken up residence on our backdoor.  Daily we check to see where she’s moved, how intricate the web from the previous day was built before she takes it back down again.  No fear or concern about a spider hanging around in our travel path, just spine-tingling enjoyment over our new housemate.   We hope she stays through Halloween.



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