Lonely Boy

Lately, the Boy has been making repeated requests for a dog of his own.  Our current dog is older and is not much for playing around so I do not really blame him for wanting a new pet.  However, I cannot help but think the little guy is lonely. I can honestly say 99.9% of the time, I am very happy with our choice to have one child, but lately that .1% is starting to gnaw at me, especially when the Boy is so adamant that one of us play with him.  It is not a case of his needing to have constant entertainment.  He often plays quite contentedly by himself creating fantasy lands where ninjas and monsters battle in dragon-protected caves for mystical powers.  I could sit and listen to him for hours as he develops his intricate story lines.   It is one of the things that I love about boys in general, there is no restriction on the imagination.  Anything is possible.  But I digress…

So we are at a point when we need to decide the right time to allow the Boy his dream of getting his own dog, but I am not sure if my dear husband and I are quite ready to tackle the work associated to a new puppy.  While the dog would belong to the Boy, he’s still young enough that responsibility is a little lacking.  Of course, this could be the kind of thing that makes him even more responsible.  Ugh, I hate dilemmas like this.


One thought on “Lonely Boy

  1. My girl often feels bored & needs to be entertained. She is somewhat if an only child bc of her brothers Autism so please feel free to reach out anytime to play bc Ms Ava is good at playing!

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