Every Boy Needs a Dog and Every Dog Needs a Boy

The Boy has been asking for his own dog for a while now.  He’s always loved animals, especially dogs with which he can run and tussle.  So, we finally broke down and found him a puppy.  Due to allergy restrictions on my dear husband’s and my parts, we had to go pure breed, as we had with our first dog.  Even though we are only two days into this new family dynamic, the benefits are already in evidence as the giggles spread across our house.  The Boy is showing a greater interest in being outside as long as his buddy is there and, although trying to keep his level of control, does not seem to balk at the extra responsibility associated with the new addition. So far the only disappointment is that we will not let the puppy sleep with him. Since the Boy is still in school, I am very excited to see what happens when he has all afternoon to run around with his new buddy.  It’s a little nerve-wracking since we had gotten into our routine, but I am thinking it will truly be for the better.


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