I thought I was finally done with all of this…

So, it’s been about a month since The Boy got his puppy and the DH and I can feel its effects. We completely forgot how easy we had it with our pre-pup environment and the Pup is making us pay. On the good side, The Boy’s protests of loneliness have subsided and my floors have never been cleaner. On the bad side, the whining in the night, the need for timely feedings and making sure the Pup stays out of harm’s way have only served to remind us of what it was like when The Boy was new in this world. I have to say that despite the frustrations, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The days are getting easier and the nights quieter as the Pup learns our routine and the giggles from the Boy as his Pup chases him around the room and tries to run away with his shoes are priceless.



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